Litart Books & Media, established in May 2020, provides good quality content in Media & Publication Industry. Our mission is to establish a creative platform providing interactive and credible content in the field of Art, Culture, Literature and Politics.

We want to make a significant change in the approach towards literature, by branding it as a strong cultural capital in our lives. Democracy, Pluralism and Secularism are our dictum, and will never entertain any type of discriminations on class, caste, gender and race. We wish to mark our identity in the fields of Academics, Education, Media, and Publications.


Bilal Shibily

Managing Editor

Sachin SL

Managing Director

Nidhin VN

Executive Editor

Sreejith Kanhilassery

Creative Director

Ajay Jishnu S

Associate Director

Jishnu Raveendran

Creative Editor

Akshay Kumar

Executive Director